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Table of Contents for a Guide For

Introduction: How to Use This Book  & Disclaimer
Is All This A Bit Much?  - Dowry and Financial Advice 
The Necessity For Guardianship in Marriage
The Life of The Prophet
(S.A.W.S) with Aisha (R.A.)
To Do List: Before You Look For A Spouse
Checking Out The Brother's Islam
Biographical Information: The Resume
About His Family & Misc.
Personal Hygiene & Medical History
Financial Status
The Wife  &/or Co-Wife
The Home
Bidah (Innovation) in Marriage Arrangements 
What The Quran Says About Marriage
Fiqh Rulings Concerning Marriage
Hadith Concerning Marriage
*Final Warnings- Strong Advisory
If you have any questions regarding marriage and divorce rights, interaction between men and women and other issues see the searchable database at

Audio Files About Marriage
Excellent  Social Conduct Talks regarding how to the treat wife kindly by Menk
A Bed of Roses Family & Marriage
How to Be an Outstanding Husband & Wife
Fiqh of Love - Marriage in Islam
Crisis of Marriage in America
Love Notes Lecture |Other Lectures on Marriage