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1. Are you able to have children?
2. How should children be disciplined?
3. What would you do if your wife were not able to have children?
4. Do you respect the fact that children have rights?( not to be bruised or mistreated in any way  etc.)
5. How many children would you like, if any?
6. What languages will you be able to teach your children to speak?
7. If a disagreement arises would you argue in front of the children? If so this is not healthy.
8. Would you lie to the children to get them to do something, such as promising a lollipop to get them to stop whining if you really don't have a lollipop? If so this is not permissible
9. Would you tell your children "InshaAllah", if you really had no intention on giving or doing what they asked you for?
10. Do you have patience with children?
12. How do you intend to educate your children Islamicly?
13. Is there an Islamic school for children where you live?
14. Does the mosque provided programs for the children where you live?
15. How important are male children to you?
16. Are you interested in using any forms of temporary or natural birth control? If so what type?
17. Do you it is not permissible to curse at or make negative dua on your children?
18. Do you know that Islamicly you may not smack the children in their  faces or call them any type of negative names?

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