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1. Where do you intend to live? (short term and long term thoughts)
2. What type of living arrangements will you provide (i.e. will anyone be living with us after the marriage like your mother or brother or any children)

What is the status of your current living arrangement, i.e. do you live in rat, roach or ant infestation or just a mild problem?
4.  Where will we live apartment building or home, bad area, medium or good area of town?
                5.  Will my furniture  be the main fixtures, or is what you have  sufficient or will I be getting new or use materials or will you expect me to get ride of what I have?
6. If I am unhappy with the place that we live in after the marriage, would you consider moving to another place?
7. Do you move around a lot, of so, why?
Islamic home financing or sharia compliant home mortgages fail to meet many halal requirements. Please see the audio CD's on this matter from Ghassan Al Barqawi.  Buying a house through an Islamic Bank And Zarabozo's information on mortgage.

Bidah (Innovations)  in Marriage Arrangements

There are many matters in marriage which Americans, Arabs and others practice in their marriage ceremonies which are innovations in the religion and should be stayed away from. Jabir Ibn Abdullah narrated  in SAHIH MUSLIM  "The best speech is that embodied in the Book of Allah, and the best guidance is the guidance given by Muhammad. The most evil affairs are their innovations; and every innovation is an error." and in the hell fire. And we should not be like the kufar in their ceremonies.
Some of these bidah (innovations not part of the Islamic wedding ceremony) included 1. Bridesmaids or any similar positions, 2-Getting married in a church  3-Having a wedding with mixed sexes in the same room 4- Playing musical  instruments 8. Have the groom come in and dance with the bride publicly. If there is any good in this book it is from Allah, and if there is any wrong in it,  is from myself and the Shayton.                                                                   

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And Allah Knows Best!