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Some final worst case scenario warnings.

#1 Don't allow yourself to be abused, degraded or subjected  to cruelty.
#2 Don't allow anyone to deny you an Islamic education as a woman.
#3 Don't allow anyone to abuse your rights. And educate yourself on what your rights are in Islam. Islam gives women an abundance of rights.
#4 Don't allow people to take advantage of you, don't be an enabler in your own abuse, don't be someone's flunky and don't be a perpetual victim. Stand up for yourself, no matter what.
#5 Don't support a husband who is able to work but chooses not to.
#6 Don't give a man rights when he does not give you rights. Seek Islamic counsel.
All of these abuses and so forth are a violation of your Islamic rights and therefore you should not allow yourself to be subjected to such treatment. Some men fail to follow Islamic guidelines for treating their wives well.
Narrated on the authority of AbuHurayrah and collected in MISHKAT AL-MASABIH
0278 (r )  The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: The most perfect Muslim in the matter of faith is one who has excellent behavior; and the best among you are those who behave best towards their wives. Transmitted by Tirmidhi saying this is hasan sahih tradition.
Also don't be such a victim that you turn into this Muslim woman- may Allah help her , guide her and protect all Muslim woman from such circumstances.

Al Jumuah Vol. 20, Issue 8 P.20, 2008  - The woman writes, My husband confessed to infidelity with multiple partners on a frequent basis...He would like to copulate with me, but my problem is that on several occasions I contracted disease from him. She then asks if she has to listen (obey) him and sleep with him and can she seek divorce.

One of the answers that she is given is, If he does not commit to salat, or his behavior is adversely influences the children, or if you see no hope in guiding him back to the straight path, or IF YOU CANNOT mentally and emotionally tolerate being with him any more, divorce was recommended.

One should not  emotionally or mentally tolerate being subjected to one venereal disease after another. Or even tolerate physical abuses or the like. And so a warning to you ladies, is, don't let it get that far. Don't' allow yourself to become a victim contracting venereal diseases from your husband multiple times. Because you can contract AIDS or herpes both of which people die from or suffer in managing it.

This woman probably stayed because of having difficulty in leaving her husband due to financial restraints.  But learn from her example and let this be a warning in which you prepare yourself for any bad situation with a back up plan.

No one should allow themselves to be subjected to a relationship that endangers their health, embarrasses them with the medical doctor, and where they are being lied to and disrespected.  Have a back up plan, always put some money aside so that if you have no choice but to leave for your own safety that you are able to. If all you can put away is a few dollars a month, then do that. But always have a back up plan.
If you ever find yourself  in a bad situation and you lack the resources to rescue yourself. Ask Allah to provide you and guide you toward a safe means of escape and protection.  Excellent  Social Conduct Talks regarding how to the treat wife kindly by Menk You can learn about your Rights to good treatment with these talks.