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seek help and the wife feels trapped.
31. Are you going to expect me to wear make-up in side the home?
32. Will you be able to provide and allow your wife with regular physical check ups (gynecological exams), as well as other medical check ups such as dental visits, eye exams, or other visits for illnesses.
33. If a wife brings a car into the marriage, will you maintain it by keeping up the maintenance, gas, auto registration, D.L. renewal and auto insurance (If the state you live in has mandated auto insurance)
34. If the wife has signed up for programs (i.e. Ladies Day at the gym) will you continue to pay her membership fees and allow her to go?
35. How often are you willing to allow the wife to go out for fresh air (as some men rarely let the wife out of the house and that may give a feeling of claustrophobia, or other mild medical conditions)
36. Will the wife be allowed to visit other sisters and attend community or private functions including lectures at the mosque?
37. If the wife cooks for you, what type of meals are you expecting?
38. How often do you expect sexual relations from your wife?
39. Can your wife expect you to take her out for dinner, or for walks outside the home  or family outings on a regular basis?
40.Will you allow your wife to hold a separate checking account for her personal use?  This is her right to separate her personal money from yours.
41. Who will do the grocery shopping for the home?
42. If your wife has not yet learned how to drive will you teach her so that she may obtain her drivers license? If not how will she get around to visit, shop and take courses?
43.Will you buy Islamic books and tapes for your wife, and allow her to attend conventions and take courses?
44. Will you accommodate her to attend local study groups?
45. How accommodating will you be toward helping in the home?
46. If the wife has acquire money or property (regardless if it is before of after the marriage) do you understand that it is not your money or property and you can not demand or force her to do what you want with it? (i.e. if she acquire money from baby sitting you can not decided to take that money away from her and buy yourself shoes or pay the rent with it or demand that she give it to your mother etc.)
47. Are you willing  to try and be fair in all matters (i.e. the husband may go out twice a week with the brothers to eat out, yet he refuses to bring home take out for his wife or let her eat out with  the sisters)
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