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One God

One Message

One Purpose in Life

There is no God worthy of worship except Allah (God) and Prophet Muhammad is the final prophet of  all the previous  Prophets (Jesus, Moses, Abraham…) sent by God. The purpose for which we are created is to worship God alone. Our purpose in life is  not our hobbies and careers, those things are merely expressions of how we contribute to our soul, humanity and earn a living.

 Other Useful Quranic Resources


Grade yourself in this questionnaire on Quran Progress Assessment



Quran Recited– Verse by Verse– Download a single ayah or set for practice by various reciters


 Word by Word Translation by  e Muslim. Easiest Version


 Word by Word translation by Quran in English-


Short dictionary of Quranic voc  broken down by Juz and then surah


Long dictionary of Quranic voc broken down by Juz and then surah


The Easy Dictionary of The Quran— Download Part III: The Lughatul-Qur'an, break down of the vocabulary of the main words in each surah.


80% of the Words in the Quran. Buy book, or downloadable  version



Excellent Series

Understand Quran The Easy Way

For Busy People

In a few minutes a day for 2 mos

This is the web based program of the above iphone—ipad app


You can find the lessons Youtube. But but course material are only through website.


Use following items to help you practice.

-80% Quranic Vocab Quizlet - Verbs

-80% Quran Vocab Quizlet –Nouns

-80% Quranic Vocab Quiz FlashCards

-27 Lessons Flash Quizzes

80% Quranic Vocabulary Quizlet-

Has online quizzes for verbs , along with downloadable audio of vocabulary and word by word translation examples. Also, sign up for daily word.



Elementary Children’s Course for children who can read arabic script



** Accelerate your learning Tip. This site shows which verbs in the Quran are used most frequently and the most non verbs. Work on the top 25 in each of these 2 groups and you will see a marked improvement in your Quran comprehension.


House of Quran– Word by Word

Translation and word by word audio.



QuranMadeEasy: Foundation


 Tajweed Course


Online Medina Course


Help with Advanced Arabic Grammar


The Ajaaroomiyyah blog


Ajurumiyah in English Help Sheet


Help Chart 1 for Ajroomeya in Arabic


Help Chart 2 for Ajroomiyyah in Arabic


Madina Arabic Videos by LQ Toranto




WinHadith & WinQuran Software

By Blackwell Idealist– Info about program.


Aajuroomeeyah, Ajurumiyah Grammar, Ajurrumiyya





 Programs and Resources

Learn Why the Quran was revealed in Arabic (video list)

Time for Quran Guide

4 Secrets to Learning Quranic Arabic (Productivity Quran Coach)– Quran for Busy People Blog


  If you want a strong Quran vocabulary these are excellent resources. Please note that studying Quranic Arabic, will not teach you conversational Arabic.


Step 1 Learn to read

ABC Program with Easy Quran or

  or see  AQL (Advocating Quranic Literacy) Online Website -they offer various EXCELLENT courses.


Step 2 Build your  Quranic vocabulary

Absolute Best starter program– Understand Quran the Easy Way ( see details on the right) Covers Grammar and Islamic vocabulary, iphone, ipad and web based packages.


Step 3 Get more vocabulary practice !

Use the apps on the right or check out these books.


Quranic Lessons Surah vocabulary– word by word translation and audio along with images and tafseer. Excellent way to quickly, learn the vocabulary for all of Juz 30.


Access to Quranic Arabic Book Program teaches 80% of Quranic vocabulary. Or  choice 2


Allah’s QuranRecite the Quran is an online Quran that does word by word translation, easy to recite along for fluency as well. Also see Quran Corpus for grammar .



-80% Quranic Vocab Quizlet - Verbs

-80% Quran Vocab Quizlet –Nouns

-80% Quranic Vocab Quiz FlashCards


-If you are just looking to memorize Quran there are several apps, including Visual Memorization app



Step 4 Full line of courses for Arabic

Arab Academy-  They have speaking coaches selection you should select to help you become speaking fluent. These resources will improve your ability to listen to Arabic  lectures, news casts and read religious materials.


Qiblah Arabic Online– beginning  reading and an intensive grammar focused program– this is not a conversational course . The focus of this program is to start you on journey toward becoming an Arabic grammarian. This is best for those who are already strong in vocabulary. I strongly suggest completing the Understand Quran the easy way course before starting this program as it will give you a solid grammar and quranic vocabulary foundation, thus making it easier to benefit from this programs advanced concepts. In additional to Qiblah there is a similar program out of Canada -The Shariah Program, that is heavy on the grammar.


Online Medina Course


Gateway Book Series– excellent for grammar and vocab practice.


Step 5 Improve your Arabic Grammar

Arabic Grammar helps to improve your understanding of Quran beyond the vocabulary.

Bayyinah TV has a youth grammar series called Arabic with Husna—excellent for adults. There are also detailed lectures on the Quran.

Bayyinah Also has grammar videos for adults here.


Arabic Conversation

Conversation is best learned one on one, but in lieu of finding that Spoken Modern Arabic book and DVD  1 and 2 helps with listening to conversations. These book/ DVD sets are professionally done, and very helpful. For listening comprehension online videos with this one are helpful as well.

Another great resource on Audible is Behind the Wheel Arabic– Mark Frobose, Pimsleur Modern Standard Arabic Vol 1 & 2. They also have 4 Vol Versions for Egyptian and Eastern (Syrian) Dialects.

However, Ferris says “Conversation can be learned but not taught. Somewhat like riding a bike, though unfortunately not as permanent, language fluency is more dependent on practicing the right things (rather) than learning the right things. The rules (grammar) can be learned through materials and classes, but the necessary tools (vocabulary and idiomatic usage) will come from independent study and practice in a native environment.” Ferris adds  conversation can only be learned in  a “ realistic one-on-one environment where your brain is forced to adapt to normal speed and adopt coping mechanisms such as delaying tactics (“in other words,” “let me think for a second,” etc.). He adds that one should use “classes as a substitute for, and not supplement to, real ego-crushing interaction.” Other quick learning tips by Ferriss can be reviewed here and here.


Step 6 Additional Resources


Living Language Arabic Online– Excellent free  resource. Has great audio dialogues to improve listening fluency along with fun flash cards and some kiddy quizzes.


Lingq– this is free program allows you to hear audio of literature and quran and helps with word by word vocabulary. Excellent.


Basic Arabic Dialogs – Cartoon Dialogs

Turn on  English and Arabic Subtitles.


Religious Lessons with Subtitles


Rosetta Stone Arabic  Levels 1-3– w/ Audio Companion CD’s Software or   online .

R.S. and all other programs are only resources, they don't teach speaking fluency by themselves unless you use what little you know with a native speaker from day 1, which is why they have online live speaking options now.

RS is very weak on grammar explanation if you are a beginner, but excellent grammar practice if you are not.  Without someone to talk to it’s best for building vocabulary for literary competency. If  you use the free resource at the language lab dialogs you will benefit far more. R.S. is best used in conjunction with the addition of a grammar book or the Quran the Easy way Course to give you that important foundational grammar . There is no software that is a full Arabic package, so a combination will most helpful. R.S. is a modern standard Arabic program so the voc has less colloquialisms then most other programs.) (Their least expensive program is the online version for around   $239 w coupon code ) and that comes with (48  total )live (4 -25 minute) Group Studio sessions every 30 days.) for 1 year (groups of 4 or less) They  have  5 pay plan as well. And the option to purchase additional private studio sessions.  The online version comes with additional helpful activities. Be sure to download the Course Guides in Arabic and English to help you if you get stuck with understanding the pictures. Always search the internet for coupons. Also here are some grammar charts if you are struggling with Rosetta Stone grammar and Arabic Grammar in general.   The key with any of these programs is committed focused regular use. And the key to fluency is finding a native speaker to talk to which there are several resources online for free that can get you started.


In my opinion Fluenz is the best language program out there . Unfortunately they only have a few languages, and Arabic is not in the works at this time. Hopefully if they go forth with one it will revolutionize the ease in which Arabic is taught. If they develop a program like their other languages theirs would be my first choice for listening and speaking fluency. You many want to contact them to encourage them to develop a program so they see consumer interest.


Bayyinah Dream– , On site-Texas


501 Arabic Verbs book by Barron’s


Productive excellent resources for organizing.




Links for Learning Arabic, Quran ,Memorization and Islamic Lectures. God sent the Quran as a guidance for life and spiritualty manual for humanity because God knows what his creation needs. To get the real benefit of the  Quran, learn Quranic Arabic.

Text Box: The Best  Quranic Arabic Aids

Billahe at Tawfeeqee (All success is with God)

Learn Quran using Mobile Apps

iQuran HD– Color Tajweed w/ reciters

Quran Study shows Quran word by word

QuranicWords 80% Quranic Voc Helper


QuranWorks for (word by word grammar )

Bayan Quran word by word and phonetics– excellent

Quran80– Vocabulary,

Quran Vocabulary Word Practice,

Quran word of the day, grammar tree,

Fahm Qur’an word practice app.

First 1000 Words

QamarDeen Log your Quran Reading & more

NEW U-Quran– teaches Quran vocabulary, trial and paid editions available.

MyDuaa App– excellent for memorizing dua.

iTarteel iphone– video of how to pronounce Surahs

SimpleQuran iphone —”real”Mushaf Pages

The following are Flashcard Apps to which you can download the 80% Quran Vocabulary lists from Quizlet.

iStudious  A+ Pro Flash Cards


Excellent Program for Understand Quran now has an app for ipad & iphone. App contains part 1 for 50% of the vocab and Part 2 for 70%, and adding videos for the 100%. Free to try.