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1. What things do you feel I must do to make you happy?
2. What things would you like me to do that are not requirements on me as a husband. Please be detailed.
3. If the I disagree with you, how do you solve the matter?
4. Are you willing to help your me with household chores .
5.If your husband has family here or oversees, how long do you think you could handle living with them during a visit?
6. How do you feel a husband should be disciplined if he is failing in his Islamic duties? Would  you opt for harsh verbal abuse, or  other method?
7. If your husband does not live near his family, would you  mind making regular visits so he can  spend time with them?
8. If your husband expresses that he is tired or busy will you insist that he do what you have asked of him, like taking out the garbage?
9. How do you want to handle meal cooking and chores?
10. If your  husband express unhappiness in the marriage would you seek to resolve his unhappiness or seek divorce, immediately?
11. If your husband's immediate family member fell ill would you allow them to reside in your home and care for them ?(as you would want your mother or father to reside in your home if they fell ill)
12. How will we handle non-Muslim parents requesting visits during holidays and gifts received from them during these holidays?
13. What is your idea of a perfect husband? Do you realize you can not expect a perfect husband?
14. What would you not be able to tolerate from your husband?
15. Do you feel that you would answer back during a disagreement,  as the Prophet's (SAWS) wives did on occasion?
16. Are you willing to give occasional surprises to your husband?
17. Will you wear nice things around the house and comb your hair in nice style for your husband, although ghusal can be harsh on the hair?
18.Are you willing to discuss  intimacy troubles with your husband  if you find that you are having difficulties  in that area, regardless of who is displeased?
19. Would you be willing to take walks with your husband?
20. Would you be interested in attending Jumah with me?
21. If a person had some past misguided deeds, would you hold it against them in a fight?
22. If your husband does not speak or read Arabic, would you be willing to work together using tapes or classes to learn it?
23. If the mail man came to the door  with a package and you were not properly covered what would you do?
24. If your husband has a difference of opinion on a particular Islamic matter how will you handle that? For instance if he does not want to have a t.v. in the home or does not want to have music played?
25. If your husband falls ill, can he count on you to run the house?
26.Do you believe in hiding matters of minor or major importance from your husband?

27. Explain, how do you expect your wife to cover when leaving the home.

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