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48. Some brothers have the idea that they don't want to work for the Kufr yet they send their wives out to work, or lie on applications to collect public assistance. Although I would not take this impermissible course of action, would you consider halaal alternatives until I can get my feet on the ground if I were to lose my source of  Income?
49. If you are attending school, will you need me to pay for the tuition ?
50. You are not expected to follow the husband blindly in Islamic matters when there is authentic proof  to the contrary of what the husband is expecting. Would you be able to bring matters in which you feel are not Islamicly correct to my attention?
51. Sometimes after child birth  or at any other time a woman may gain a lot of weight.  Would you want  to participate in some type of exercise program outside of the house, or  would you want me take you for walks or purchase equipment so that you may workout at home if this were to happen?
52. Do you need me to ask your permission before offering your services to someone else? (i.e. baby-sitting, typing or whatever)
53. Do  you want to use modern conveniences in the home such as microwave, and dishwasher.

Questions for those taking a Co-wife (in countries that will not jail you for this)

1.  I have a clear understanding of your rights as a co-wife? (That I must be fair and not show favoritism among other things). Do you have a clear understanding of your role as a co-wife?
2. Would you agree to live in the same house with the other wife?
3. If the other wife does not like you, how will you handle this situation?
4. Why are you seeking to be a co-wife?
5. Since or If I have children would you consider helping the other wife with he children?
6.If you have no children and are on vacation (visiting parents, going to a convention) would you mind if you were asked  to take children from the other wife with you, to give her a break from the children?
7. Would you mind if you were asked to cook and clean for the other wife when she is ill?

8. If I am not currently interested in taking another wife, but down the line I change my mind (because I would be able to provide for two or more in the proper Islamic fashion) how would you feel about that?  What would your reaction be, would you seek divorce immediately or would you make dua to Allah, and ask him to help you keep your family together and stay in this situation as being alone is a fitnah for a woman, and women are less likely to remarry because men normally seek women who were never married and without children. Do you realize that Islamicly I am allowed to take another wife, if I am able to be fair under the conditions that Islam sets? Do you realize that, in the event that I do take another wife, I will make the situation as amicable as possible so that every one is comfortable. However while a man has the right to take another wife, the woman also has the right to exit the marriage if she feel she is mentally unable to with stand this type of relationship.

Excellent  Social Conduct Talks regarding how to the treat wife kindly by Menk