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1. Do you have any other wives including any currently in idah? How many times have you been married and how many times have you been divorced? This is a critical question because some brother's are "serial divorcers". They marry a lady for a few weeks and then divorce for no reason or a frivolous one. So if a brother has a history of this it may be that he is only marrying you for a short time and will divorce you quickly, or it may mean that he was not mindful and through in picking spouses she he got a few raw deals himself.
2. Do you have any children? Are any of them Muslim?
3. What is your status in this country if you are not American?  Have you ever been in jail or have had brushes with the law or are you recently out of jail, or on parole? If so, please explain the situation.
4. What are your hobbies?
5. Concerning your line of work, exactly what do you do, and does it require you to leave on over night trips or our of the country?
6. If you don't have citizenship in the U.S., is it your goal to marry for the purpose of obtaining it?
7. Are you a legal citizen in this country? If not would you be willing to wait a year or more before I helped you to apply  for citizenship to make sure the marriage is working out first?
8. Are you a student in one of the schools here? If so what is your major, when will you graduate and what do you intend to do with your degree?
9. Are you fluent in Arabic or any other languages?
10. What type of Muslim do you consider yourself?- Level of practice.
11.Do you feel you make a good effort in practicing and living your Islam?
12.Have you ever or do you currently smoke (cigarettes, or other drugs), drink alcoholic beverages or involved with illegal drugs?
13.What are your general short and long term goals in life and how would these goals affect your wife? (Plan to move out of the country, etc.)
14. Have you ever had a girlfriend or sexual experiences (including homosexuality)? If so would you be willing to take a test for AIDS and or test for venereal diseases?
15. If you are divorced, why did the marriage dissolve? (if the brother was married to a Christian or Jew while he was Muslim and if he says that there was a divorce because she would not become Muslim, ask him why did he choose to marry a Christian girl if he wanted a Muslim wife? Did she lead him to believe that she would convert after the marriage, and did he tell her that he would expect her to become Muslim before the marriage)  This question is important because sometimes it shows unrealistic planning on the part of the brother?
16. Who do you take as your close friends (Muslim or Kufar ( kufar include people of the book because they disbelieve in Islamic Monotheism)
17. Have you ever considered marrying a non-Muslim? If so why?
18. Do you consider yourself a tidy person? Do you clean up after yourself?
19. Before you were Muslim or activity practicing did you ever attend bars, discos or dance halls? 
20. Do you like to have frequent visitors? This is so a lady may prepare herself to be agreeable to cooking for many guests if she doesn't have a maid.
21. How do you get your hair cut? (by women or men)
22. .Do you have any military obligations? If so, how would this affect our life?
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