The grammar tables† are essential if you† are learning Arabic. These tables are from the Bayyinah Program Fundamentals of Classical Arabic .

Here are some Essential tables in Arabic grammar, you need to memorize them as their forms will constantly reoccur in sentences.

If you are using Rosetta Stone Arabic. In the grammar modules they divide the examples of nouns and verbs up into male, female, singular, dual and plural forms. Pay attention to the pictures to indicate this and match them with the Arabic word endings . Had Rosetta Stone used a different color on the letters that show the difference between the forms associated with the pictures, it would have been far more helpful then just the pictures alone to teach grammar. They did it with their Latin program, donít know why they didnít do it with the Arabic one. Paying attention to the beginning and the end of words are extremely essential in Arabic. Latin and Spanish have very similar concepts in grammar.†† Keep in mind on these charts below the first column on your right is the singular form, the middle is the dual form and the far left is the plural form.

All words have a gender and a plurality category. You must grasp this in order to get a handle on Arabic, it is absolutely essential.



Template base for noun forms.


Past Tense verbs

Plural form


Dual form

2 muslims

Singular form