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Check Out the Sister's Health, Mentality & Habits

The following questions are of a sensitive nature.  You may feel to shy and decided not to ask these questions, or you may even feel that these question are just a bit much. However, I feel that these questions bear an importance because someone who had an aliment that may worsen, and you may not want to take care of a person with that particular problem. You can select to write these questions down and have the sister answer it on her own time or some other method that does not put stress or shyness on the part of anyone.
1.Do you have any aliments, sicknesses or disease (diabetes, cancer, heart troubles, migraine headaches, AIDS)(If  she doesn't  know, or  does not want to test at the clinic you may get a mail in AIDS test kit from a private source 1-800-HIV-TEST)
2. Do you have any mental disorders?
3. Do you brush your teeth daily?
4. Do you clip the hairs that the Sunnah suggests?
5. Do you have stress related aliments? Such as ulcers?
6. Do you wash your hands before leaving the bathroom?
7. Do you wash your private parts with water after using the bathroom?
8. Do you shave to tweeze your eyebrows? If so it is not Islamicly correct.
9. Do you have any addictions to pain killers?
10. Do you take a shower at least once a day?
11. How often do you visit the doctor for a general exam?
12. Do you snore or have sleeping disorders?
13. Do you handle problems by ignoring them, please explain?
14. Are you easily influenced by bad  behavior?
15. Are you a jealous individual?
16. Is it common for you to be depressed or in a bad mood?
17. Do you consider yourself pleasant to be around?
18. Do your friends have similar Islamic behavior?
19. What do you feel needs to be worked on the most concerning your character and a personality and Islamic behavior?
20. Are you involved in masjid scandals, if so explain?
21. Are you a prankster who likes to play jokes on people?
22. Do you consider yourself generous?
23. In light of your Islamic behavior and overall personality, if you had a son would marry your son to someone
like yourself?
24. Do you feel that you can handle constructive criticism in a reasonable manner, Islamic or otherwise?
25. Are you a picky eater? If so explain.
26. Do you feel that you are bossy, demanding, controlling or overbearing? Are you a mental or physical tyrant? Would you strike your husband or child which left bruises or marks?
27. Do you feel that you lack direction or self control?
28. Do you understand that I have the right to report you to my wali if you are mistreating me and you have that right as well?
30.  Some sisters are sneaking, misleading and are dishonest and hide things from their families. Are you like this?  If so this could be a cause of or counseling or divorce.

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