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1. Do you like to argue and fight?
2. Do you believe in saying "I love you" and showing affection toward the husband and children?
3. Are you willing to spend quality time with your husband?
4..Are you willing to change bad habits that you or your husband may have?
5. When you are angry do you use curse words?
6. What is your definition of love in the marital sense?
7. Do you have any character references, if so when may I obtain them?
8. Do you get angry easily? Do you have a temper? If so are you able to control your anger or temper from getting to far out of hand?
9. If you are angered are you willing to talk out the problem?
10. Do you have any past misguided deeds, that may or may not affect your family?
11. Do you feel that you are mature enough to enter into marriage?
12. What type of personality do you feel best describes you i.e. carefree, high strung, humorous, combination, or none of the above, and please explain?
13. What type of things make you laugh or make you angry?
14. Are you a good listener?
15. Do you consider yourself honest and forthright?
16. Would you do what someone else wanted you to do despite your true feelings?  What would you do if someone requested something of you that was unIslamic?
17. Do you feel that you are a considerate individual?
18. Are you often moody, grumpy and irritable?
19. What is your understanding of physical and mental cruelty?
20. How do you feel about deadlines, do you procrastinate, how do you feel about preparing ahead of time?
21. How many  marriage prospects have you had, and why did you choose not to marry them or why did they choose not to marry you?

Advice, there are people that have Type A personalities, narcissistic  traits or  they are right brain thinkers (see online definitions for clarification). While everyone has flaws, these particular groups of people have trouble being fair and objective, taking responsibility for their actions, treating people respectfully and they often lack good reasoning skills. Most people are unaware that they experience such traits, but if they possess them they are often difficult to deal with.

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