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An'am :121" Eat not (O Believers of that (meat) on which Allah's Name has not been pronounced (at the time of the slaughtering of the animals), for  it is Fisq (a sin and disobedience of Allah).  And certainly the devils do inspire their friends (from mankind) to dispute with you, and if you obey them [by making Al-Maytat (a dead animal) legal by eating it], then you would indeed be Mushrikun (polytheists): [because they (devils and their friends )make lawful to you to eat what Allah has made unlawful to eat and you obey them by considering it lawful to eat, and by doing so you worship them, and to worship other besides Allah is polytheism]." Although the Quran states that we may eat meat from the People of the Book, today's Christians are not slaughtering as a religious practice therefore it is void of its religious requirements. And lastly, contrary to popular belief, is is not sufficient to just say Bismillah before eating the meat.  Saying this does not make the meat halaal no more than saying it over pork would make pork halaal.  This is not the case in every place, so do your research as check with the people of knowledge so that you clear yourself of wrong doing.And Allah knows best in these matters. Naturally, some schoalrs hold the opinion that one is allowed to eat the meat in America, and Allah knows best.

If the person you end up marrying, or the person you are currently seeking to marry is somewhat limited in their knowledge about Islam, here are a few helpful books that can be obtained from most of the booksellers who advertise in Huda Magazine.

Islamic Fataw Regarding Women translated by Jamal aldin Zarabozo (excellent, MashaAllah)
New Muslim CD Set by Zarabozo
The Fundaments of Tawheed by Bilal Philips (excellent, MashaAllah)
Translation of the Meaning of the Nobel Quran  Hilali Khan
Al-Albaani - The Prophets Prayer
Islamic Studies Book 1-4  by Bilal Philips  (book III not currently available
Answers to Common Questions From New Muslims translated by Zarabozo
Arabic Reading and Writing Made Simple Book and Tape set  -Philips
Arabic Grammar Made Easy Book and Tape set - Phillips
Razing children in Islam Rahbar
The Prayer and its Effect in Increasing Eemaan
Bad Consequences of the Tongue by as Salafi

Etiquette's of Marriage  Wedding Al Albaani

If you have any questions regarding marriage and divorce rights, interaction between men and women and other issues see the searchable database at

Audio Files About Marriage
Excellent  Social Conduct Talks regarding how to the treat wife kindly by Menk
A Bed of Roses
How to Be an Outstanding Husband & Wife
Fiqh of Love - Marriage in Islam
Love Notes Lecture Family & Marriage |Other Lectures on Marriage