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such as Imam Shafi has practically prohibited beating.  Furthermore, we have seen that she is not  responsible for taking care of the house or even of her own self and needs.  In fact, Imam Shaibani has said that even a poor man is responsible for getting a servant for his wife or taking care of her affairs himself.  Also education is incumbent upon Muslim women and it seems to fall within the responsibilities of the husband to make sure that she is educated properly.  Thus, we see that the position of the Muslims is a far cry from the existing situation among many of the Muslim people of today.  This should be of no surprise as the Muslim have strayed very far from the Islam in almost every aspect of their lives!"
24. Do you play with magic (i.e. wegee boards), jinns, listen to astrologers or reading your horoscope? If so this must stop. Seek information to explain to her why/
25. Do you practice or participate in any of the following Islamicly incorrect things such as celebrating the Prophet sallallahu alayhe wa sallam birthday, participating and congratulating the kufar in any holidays of their holidays.
26.Tell her if l you would be able to take your wife on Umrah and hajj?
27. How much time do you spend studying Islam, not counting the Khutbah at Jumah prayer if you have chosen to attend?
28. Do you attend Jumah prayer? Do you pray any prayers in the mosque?
29.Do you always get up for Salatul Fajr?
30.Do you engage in thiker on a regular basis.
31.Do you intend to live by the Quran and Sunnah  (ways of the Salaf without modernistic interpretation?
32. How are going to handle matters that have different Islamic conclusions? (i.e. moving the finger during tashahud) Would you make the effort to find out if the particular matter had a culture only basis, bidah basis, inauthentic information by way of misinterpretation of Quran or inauthentic hadeeth)
33. If you have any cultural practices which interfere with Islam, are you willing to give them up. (i.e. mixing between the sexes, improper Islamic attire etc.?)
34. Are you actively participating in da'wah?

35. How many surahs have you memorized?
                36. What method do you use to find out if a particular matter is halaal or haraam etc. (i.e. consult Shaikh, knowledgeable  individual, come to your conclusion.)
                  37. Where do you purchase your meats?  Although there is a difference of opinion among the scholars concerning eating the meat in American the view which clears one of delving into doubtful matters is to purchase meat from stores that offer halaal meat in light of a few points.  An in-depth study can be done by  reading Al-Dhabh; Slaying Animals the Islamic Way by Ghuylam Mustafa Khan. #1 News specials have been done,concerning that fact that
some grocers add 5% pork to their ground beef mixtures regardless of what the meat packing says. #2 Islamicly we are not allowed to eat dead meat.  Some Muslims have visited slaughterhouses in which they witnessed  dead meat   (meat  which was shot , and died before cutting the throat of the animal in the Islamic manner) being prepared for sale. The USDA allows animals which are to be sold to the public to be shot, given a violent blow to the head, or electrocuted and left for dead before the animals throat is cut. #3 The Interpretation of the Meanings of The Noble Qur'an   of At-Tabari, Al-Qurtubi and Ibn Kathir says (Surah Al-

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